Botting 101 - How to bot an attacking Vidya

Yesterday I posted instructions on how to bot a Vidya on FS mode. Today I will post instructions on how to make the Vidya attack. Again, I'm using version 2.00 because of the number of buffs that can be cast.

First thing you have to do is set up your skill bar. Attack skills go on the F1 bar while buff skills go on the F2 bar. Using version 1.05, you can have 4 attack skills and 4 buffs. With version 2.00 you can have 6 attack skills and 8 buffs.

The following instructions apply only to a Vidya on battle mode.

battle bot 1 First, check and uncheck the Enable Monster Select until the box turns color gray. This would allow your bot to select targets. Monster select and anti-avara kara no longer works because of Dguard. Also, check Loot On/Off to enable your bot to pick up item drops. Most people don't like having trash in their inventories but this actually serves a different purpose. By having your bot pick up loots, you prevent it from getting stuck between walls and posts. 

battle bot 2

Check Skill On/Off. This will allow your bot to use skills. Also check Enable R after E. This will instruct your bot to use normal attacks after skills. Delay before skill means the amount of time your bot waits before casting another skill. In this case, I placed 1000ms (1 sec). If you are having trouble with your bot going through walls and moving up to another room, you can set the delay longer, e.g. 3000ms. Also input the skill sequence separated by a dash (-).

In my case my F1 skill bar has the following attack skills:

battle bot 51 - Rohati (Heal)

2 - Spura Asara

3 - Prapad

4 - Visakro

5 - Asara (stun)

Notice that I placed Heal among the attack skills. This is because Heal is an attack when directed to an opponent, and a buff when directed to yourself or onto an ally. Take note of the screenshot to the left. I used Heal to attack a battle bot 4Kemsa tonyo dealing 2698 damage. Having heal among your attack skills serves 2 purposes. One, it lures the monster to you. Second, you recover your HP constantly.  If you look at the screenshot to the right, just like in every skill, some attack misses. This is still ok as it still lures the monster to you, thereby cutting the time between running and attacking. battle bot 3 

The screenshot to the left is my BUFF tab. It is similar to the buff intervals of the Vidya in FS mode. Please refer to my previous post for more details. The only difference is the duration of the party heal. I use a duration of 6 seconds or 60 000ms. This is more or less equal to the amount of time I finish killing one monster. I set it up this way so after killing one monster, my bot will cast party heal.



After setting up your bot, click start or press F8 to start your bot.


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i thought you can download the bot system here?? where is the link to download the program? thanks

Anonymous said...

where can i download it?

Anonymous said...

ei man!great stuff!!i love reading your blogs...i really appreciate you sharing your bot..one thing though,hehe..could you post on how to bot a nakayuda..im having a hard time making the right timing and skills for yuda..thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just wanna ask something if what is the buff sequence or skill sequence. I don't understand that part. and do you have a setting for mage? thanks. reply here or email me plz at cripzter0699@yahoo.com

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