The Ultimate Guide for Druka


Well, here it is! I'd like to thank Athena for her wonderful Ultimate Guide for Melee Asura thread. Coz without it, walang wala tayo ngayon. Thank you also to those people (especially the Drukas) who contributed to this forum.

This guide is far from perfect. So kung meron man ako mali nailagay or meron kayong gusto i-add, please tell me so I can update this guide.


Question: How do I use two weapons at once?
Answer: Finish your 2nd job quests, you knucklehead!

Dual Daggers

The Dagger is the fastest weapon in the game. Use Two Daggers, and you turn yourself into the fastest damager in the game. However, daggers have a considerable amount of GAP in its damage range. Your damage can hit very high or hit very low. Daggers have a of 20% chance of ignoring the defense of your opponent which can deal huge amount of damage.

Sword / Dagger

The Sword/Dagger build is a little slower than the Dual Dagger build. Because of its short damage range/spectrum, the Sword has constant damage. In other words, your minimum damage is very close to your maximum damage. You always hit high. Swords also have higher attack rates than Daggers.


Muscle Druka (The Assassin Druka)
(100-150 Heart, Muscle all the way)
Recommended upgrades for items – Heart, Attack Success

The beginners build. The most ideal build for leveling up and PvM. You will have a slight disadvantage when you’re in Kruma and Duels because of low HP. This can be the most poweful damaging Druka build for Kruma if you know its limitations. If you’re not the type of Druka who goes Rambo, this build is fine. This build is also an asset in leveling parties (especially in GP Bosshunts, mga nagaagawan na guilds sa bosses) because of its high damage. If you’re planning to go PvM forever, this build is for you.

Heart Druka (The Survival Druka)
(200-250 Heart, Muscle all the way)
Recommended upgrades for items – Heart, Nerve, Avoid or Attack Success

An advanced and expensive build. Recommended for players with high level accessories and weapons. Your damage will not be as high as the Muscle Druka so you have to obtain +11-+12 Datu Weapons to compensate for the low damage (as compared to Muscle Druka). This build will make you last long from those heavy hitting Karya’s and Abikaras during duels and Kruma.

Hybrid Druka (The PvP Druka)
(Muscle/Nerve/Heart, Nerve/Heart/Muscle, Heart/Nerve/Muscle)
Recommended chakra upgrades for items – Heart, Nerve, Avoid or Attack Success

Another advanced and expensive build of Druka that focuses more on PvP especially on duels. Like the Heart Build Druka, it also requires high level accessories and weapons to be effective. The advantage in this build is you will have more Avoid and Attack success than the previous builds because of the added Nerve. Vega-Dbanda damage will not be as high as the Muscle and Heart Druka however. Your advantage here will be your Chaya, Avoid, Blind/Agupta. Not an efficient leveler and party damager (as compared to Muscle Druka), if you ask me.

Nerve Druka (The "I want to be like a RO Assassin" Druka)
(300 Nerve, 200 Heart or 400 Nerve, 100 Heart)
Recommended chakra upgrades for items – Heart ( adding muscle at this point has negligible increase in damage )

With Attack Success higher than all of the builds above, your normal attack will crit all the time. But don't expect that your skills will crit. Skill crits depend on the purple tornado, not on accuracy, avoid, and nerve chakra

Furthermore, damage will be approximately X much lower than the muscle druka counterpart ( where X = amount of muscle the counterpart has ). Why only X difference? - because the weapon multiplier is the same for both nerve and muscle chakra. Note however that it is much harder to level a nerve druka than a muscle druka, especially on the lower levels.

( AFAIK, Chaya being accuracy and avoid dependent has never been proven. ).

Also with your very high Avoid, enemies will miss more than usual. You need about 200 more avoid than your assailant's accuracy to be able to evade properly. Furthermore, chance to evade increases if you run away from an attack...especially if that attack is your assailant's first attack.

Get this if you want to gain 300 more accuracy and 200 more avoid but less 300 damage ( note: rough estimate ). This means an increase chance of making a hit ( i.e. blind against high-avoid characters ). This is also useful if you want to increase your chance of evading a single-target stun ( note: AoE stun skills are independent of avoid and accuracy ), blind, etc.

Note: This build can be really effective WHEN you have a lets say a +14-+15 weapon (ASA tayo lols). May kilala ako Nerve Druka na VERY WELL EQUIPED from head to feet haha.


Gatekeepers Earring – levels 1, 2 and 3 (lvl 1 highest)
Desert Lord Bracelet – levels 1, 2 and 3 (lvl 1 highest)
Asba Ring
Rucaka of the Warrior
Rucaka of Kirika
Necklace of the Sun
Belt of the Great Bear
Leather Hira of the Caulitara
Wooden Statues of Morpheus
Pamphlet of Escel
Ring of Rama 2



Suraka of the Muscle (lvl 46, looted from Mangriang in Jina)
Suraka of the Wild Beast (lvl 46, looted from Sinkiu Gosu in Jina)
Hima Khanjar (lvl 40, looted from Sobarium Gosu in Pamir)
Rada Khaskara of Grapa (lvl 66, looted from Gatva (Yombrang Boss) in Exile)
Forbidden Dagger of Khrati (lvl 80, looted from Biryu Bosses)


Talwar of the Warrior (lvl 46, looted from Zarku Rudhira in Shambala Dungeon lvl 1)
Talwar of the Primitive Warrior (lvl 46, looted from Byokbo in Jina)
Bisa Dantaka (lvl 46, looted from Nagamudra in Shambala Dungeon lvl 1)
Strong Ara (lvl 34, looted from Sarpa Raja in Mandara Dungeon lvl 2)
Ara of Deadly Poison (lvl 34, looted from Sarpa in Mandara Dungeon lvl 2)
Kindjal of Charge (lvl 28, looted from Azna Heruka in Shambala)
Forbidden Sword of Azuri (lvl 80, looted from Biryu Bosses)

DATU WEAPONS (Crystal Weapons)

These weapons can only be crafted using Dark Crystals (Tears of the God + Crystal)

Datu Khrati (lvl 80 Dagger)
Datu Azuri (lvl 80 Sword)

These weapons can only be crafted using Crystals

Datu Avhrata (lvl68 Sword)
Datu Nheutou (lvl 74 Sword)
Datu Kalanaka (lvl 68 Dagger)
Datu Rhomphaia (lvl 74 Dagger)


Sword/Dagger Damage and Dual Dagger Damage versus Monsters

Recently, I conducted an experiment on weapon damage to monsters. One-handed Swords and Daggers only. My Druka has 10 Sword Mastery, 10 Dagger Mastery and 5 Dual Wield Mastery. The weapons that I used are Nheutou +9 MAX AS (lvl 74 Sword), Rhomphaia +9 MAX AS (lvl 74 Dagger) and Suraka of the Wild Beast +9 MAX AS (lvl 45 Dagger) for Off-Hand weapon. I only used NORMAL ATTACKS and was surprised with what I saw. Some monsters are weak from Swords, and some monsters are weak from Daggers. Here’s the list I made:

Monsters that are weak from Sword/Dagger (Nheutou and SotWB)

Bongbo (Exile)
Baoku (Exile)
Kyukrong (Pamir)
Kyukrong Gosu (Pamir)
Sobariung Gosu (Pamir)
Sobariung (Pamir)
Balastha Drbhika (Pamir)
Balastha Tundela (Pamir)
Zinmon Gosu (Jina)
Zinmon (Jina)
Kyoin (Jina)
Magriang (Jina)
Sinkiu Gosu (Jina)
Sinkiu (Jina)
Zarku (Shambala)
Zarku Rudhira (Shambala)
Ghorayogi (Shambala)
Karya Dungeon Monsters
Chatturangga Monsters

Monsters that are weak from Dual Dagger (Rhompaia and SotWB)

Bora (Biryu)
Skarkoro (Biryu)
Kaspa Konsa (Biryu)
Kaspa Minero (Biryu)
Kaspa Saka (Biryu)
Chumsum (Biryu)
Lampara (Biryu)
Buchin (Biryu)
Soko (Biryu)
Zonbu (Exile)
Ban Zankun (Exile)
Ban Dopang (Exile)
Yakku (Exile)
Yombrang (Exile)
Choniokusin (Pamir/Jina)
Kubasang (Pamir)
Ban Gosu (Pamir)
Ban (Pamir)
Borangi (Jina)
Byokbo (Jina)
Zaku (Jina)
Zaku Gosu (Jina)
Nagamudra (Shambala)
Kembo Tonyo - Sword (Emperors Tomb)
Kungbo Tonyo - Archer (Emperors Tomb)
Mob Tonyo - Spear (Emperors Tomb)
Pitton (Emperors Tomb)
Guryasu (Emperors Tomb)
Dogurpasu (Emperors Tomb)
Dae Mi (Emperors Tomb)
Sik Chu (Emperors Tomb)

So what’s the best for Player versus Monster?

In my experience as a Sword/Dagger and Dual Dagger user, I found out that I level faster with Dual Daggers. Though Sword/Dagger is much stronger in damage, Dual Daggers kills monsters fast using normal attacks and doesn’t need frequent skill spamming. Skill spamming wise, the Sword/Dagger build kills much faster. The downside is you drink a lot of Panakas. At higher levels, this doesn’t pose as a problem anymore because wielding 2 Datu Weapons gives you +150 TP regeneration, +20 from Belt of the Great Bear, totaling 170 TP Regeneration. It’s almost like Self Jama.

What about Player versus Player?

In Anaka/Kruma/Duels, you rarely see a player who uses normal attacks. It’s always about the execution of skills. This is where the Sword/Dagger build shines. Because the fact that Swords hit high all the time, it is better used with Skills. Using a Sword gives you a slight advantage because of its higher damage (and higher attack rate).

What's the best build for leveling?

Dual Daggers are best for leveling. As you can see on the list I made above, there are more monsters that are weak from Dual Daggers.

Choosing Dual Daggers also lets you put more skill points on useful skills early on compared to Sword/Dagger. In Dual Dagger build, you only put 10 Skill points on DD Mastery and 5 for Dual Wield Master. In Sword/Dagger, You need 10 Sword Mastery Skill, 5 Dagger Mastery Skill and 5 Dual Wield Skill. You need 15 Skill Points for Dual Dagger. You need 20 Skill Points for Sword/Dagger.

Which weapon is easier to acquire?

Daggers are everywhere. It is easier to trade with. Swords, however, since its not that popular, its much cheaper to buy but hard to look for one.



Dara Roca or Sword Mastery Skill (10 Levels) – You must MAX this skill if you want to go Sword/Dagger

Nakara Roca or Dagger Mastery Skill (10 Levels) – You must MAX this skill if you want to go Dual Dagger. For Sword/Dagger users, just leave this skill to Level 5

Debairada Roca or Dual Weilding Mastery (5 Levels) – Enables your dual wielding skill. You can only obtain this skill after you finish your 2nd Job Quests. It is very important to MAX this skill.

Vega (10 Levels) – The primary critical skill attack of the Druka. MAX this skill ASAP!

Dbanda (5 Levels) – Another critical skill attack of the Druka but more powerful. Using this skill as a follow up after Vega gives bonus damage. MAX this skill ASAP!

Bairaba (5 Levels) – Life Steal attack. It absorbs a percentage of HP from the opponent depending on your damage to it. For example, you deal a monster 1000 damage. A Level 5 Bairaba absorbs 90% of HP from that damage. Some people leave this skill at level 1 (50% absorb), some max it.

Campate (10 Levels) – A short ranged projectile attack. Very useful for luring mobs. Leave this skill at level 1.

Nudati (10 Levels) – Also known as armor break skill. A scarring attack with continuous damage. It also lowers the defense of your opponent. Get this only at level 3.

Bisataru (10 Levels) – Also known as Poison skill. It does continuous damage to your opponent. Get this only at level 3.

Antakara (5 Levels) – Diminishes a percentage of your opponents HP for 90 seconds. At level 5, you can remove 30% of your opponents HP instantly. MAX this skill!

Ambaka Bijati (3 Levels) - Also known as the BLIND skill. A blinded opponent’s Attack Success and Avoid will be reduced to 1. This is a very important skill so MAX it!

Agupta (5 Levels) - The Druka’s super damaging skill. For this skill to deal a huge amount of damage, your opponent must be Blinded, Stunned or Sleeping. It ignores the defense of your opponent no matter how high it is. Use it together with Ambaki Bijati (BLIND). MAX this skill.

Akilra (5 Levels) - Also known as the BACKSTAB. Another super damaging skill of the Druka which you can only get at level 80. For this skill to be effective, you must be on Invisible status (Yankana). Note that upon using this skill it also deals 1600 damage to yourself. Use this skill wisely. MAX this skill.


Spriga (10 Levels) – This skill increases your Attack Success and Avoidance rate. Just leave this skill to level 1. This is skill is worthless for the Druka trust me.

Paraka (10 Levels) – The Drukas life saver. At level 10, its gives you a 1000HP forcefield. This skill absorbs 2/3 of the damage dealt to you. MAX this ASAP!

Paraka Mana (10 Levels) – The Druka’s defense against magic attacks. At level 10, it gives you 50 Resistance for each element (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison) for 180 seconds. Only increase this skill if you think you’re ready to go to Anaka Kruma or duel with mages.

Taras (5 Levels) – Another life/time saver skill. This skill increases your movement speed. At level 5, you’re faster than any tribe in-game. MAX this ASAP!

Yankana (5 Levels) – Also known as the Invisible or Hide skill. Very handy when you're scouting for bosses and places with aggressive monsters. Very useful in Anaka Kruma/Kruma too. Level 5 of this skill has no movement pentalty/reduction, so MAX it!

Rokana (5 Levels) – Also known as the EYE skill. This skill reveals invisible players around you. Get 1 level of this.

Chaya (5 Levels) – Also known as the ROOT skill. This skill reduces your targets movement speed. This is a very important skill so MAX it.

Sanuta (3 Levels) – The Druka’s Godmode. This skill can only be obtained at lvl 80. With level 3 Sanuta, your character will be immune to physical attacks, stun and sleep for 8 seconds. This skill doesn’t work is duels however.


Tantra Druka Skill Simulator


Knowing each cool down time of skills plays a vital role in both PvM and PvP. If you know the CT of your skills, you can strategize your combos and skill usage.

Vega - 8 seconds
Dbanda - 8 seconds
Ambaka Bijati (BLIND) - 30 seconds
Agupta - 1 minute
Yankana (HIDE) - 1 minute 30 seconds
Akilra - 2 minutes
Rokana (EYE) - 1 minute 30 seconds
Paraka Mana - 1 minute
Paraka - 5 seconds
Taras - 5 seconds
Nudati - 15 seconds
Bisataru (POISON) - 5 seconds
Chaya - 10 seconds
Bairaba - 5 seconds
Antakara - 10 seconds
Campate - 2 seconds
Sanuta - 3 minutes


For PvM

Vega – Dbanda - Bairaba
Nudati – Poison – Vega – Dbanda - Bairaba
Antakara – Nudati – Poison – Vega – Dbanda – Bairaba

For PvP

Vega - Dbanda
Blind – Agupta
Blind – Vega – Dbanda – Agupta
Chaya – Antakara – Vega – Dbanda
Chaya – Antakara – Blind – Vega – Dbanda – Agupta
Chaya – Antakara – Hide~Blind – Akilra - Agupta
Chaya – Antakara – Hide~Blind – Akilra – Agupta – Vega – Dbanda
Chaya – Hide – Akilra – Sanuta – Blind – Agupta
Chaya – Hide – Akilra – Sanuta – Blind – Vega – Dbanda - Agupta
Chaya – Blind – Hide – Akilra – Agupta – Vega – Dbanda
Chaya – Blind – Antakara – Agupta – Dbanda
Chaya – Blind – Antakara – Vega – Dbanda – Agupta
Chaya – Blind – Antakara – Vega – Agupta – Dbanda
Chaya – Sanuta – Blind – Agupta
Chaya – Sanuta – Blind – Vega – Dbanda – Agupta
Chaya – Sanuta – Blind – Hide – Akilra – Agupta – Vega - Dbanda
Chaya – Sanuta – Antakara – Blind – Vega – Dbanda - Agupta
Chaya - Sanuta - Antakara - Blind - Vega - Hide~Dibanda - Akilra - Agupta
Hide - Dbanda
Hide - Akilra
Hide - Akilra - Dbanda
Hide - Blind - Agupta
Hide - Blind - Vega - Dbanda - Agupta
Hide - Blind - Chaya - Agupta
Hide - Blind - Chaya - Vega- Dbanda - Agupta

Druka Escape Combos (LOL)

SANUTA + Quality Ziva Pustika

credits to Kalisador


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