Naga/Kimnara Chakra and Skill Guide

Naga Build Revised 3.5

Grammar and spelling check tongue.gif

Hohenheim's arorakin madness laugh.gif (see arorakin skill)

Skill Chains : Bukampaa, Nauti, Tarka, Samate, Frosana Batia, Ajaka, Arorakin and Mayat.

There are skills which you could chain together with normal or special attacks they're usually self buffs AOE's or special moves.

Basics: How to chain

(Normal Attack, Chain + Special Attack)

Normal Attack, Bukampaa, Amada Cass

note: requires timing.

Ver: 3.4

Dear Notebook... This is the newest version... And now I'll also write the changes of each version so that I could keep track of the improvements and errors. I've been through a lot and I?m still craving for more ahahhaah.... Heh... Heh... wooohooo... Special tnx for Hohenheim for kicking my a** so that I could be enlightened... And be better.
Best *known* build ratio (so far)

Additional info of 1st Job and Banar Skills

(All those with [#] are edited)

More muscle (gives defense) heart (since you're the tank you'll need a lil some of this) and some nerve for accuracy.

For Banar

Standard Build " Warrior " 2:1 Ratio of Muscle to heart

Alternate Build " Tank Warrior" 3:2

I'll give you my opinions and on naga/ kimanara skills


Baluka - increases physical atk I recommend that u max this one out *passive*

Baruna force - I think this is the accuracy for your attacks (optional) *passive*

Prajas Roca (axe mastery) - increases axe attack. If you?re going for axe max this one out. *passive*

*1hd axe has normal atk speed*

Dara Roca (sword mastery) -increases blade attack *passive*

*note sword atk speed is fast to normal*

Tomara Roca - Increases Spear Attack, using spear is really slow but it have more chances of breaking through def if u choose spear max this one out. . *passive*

*spear has very slow attack speed*


Amada Cass - Clarical Damage atk this will be your most used skill thought your 1st job so better max this baby out to lvl 10 depends on your level though.. u could get lvl 9 amada cass @ lvl 50. This skill multiplies 25 % of your damage and adds 20 atk rates per lvl.

Gatana - pushes your enemy. Used to push mobs. I find this very useful when confronting a high lvl monster which u cannot tank alone. Or any unwanted mobs ganging up on u during boss hunt. Team up with any ranged char to back u up with fire power ^o^
Higher lvl of gatana determines the distance of the knock back.

*warning* gatana doesn?t work all the time so better bring up some high lvl pots incase it fails. In pk and god war this could be really useful... How? If u need to rebuff or heal u could use this to buy sometime happy.gif

So where are we

Baluka Mantra - Get this one and you could unlock nauti, stam, bukampaa doesn?t give out enough damage to impress me but still good to follow you on your damaging skills after the amada cass/ bizai combo (for banar type) its a non-fail skill but it still misses. This one maxes out in lvl 10 and the skill increases by 20 % per lvl hmm...

Prabeja - attack by going through the opponent it ignores40 % of defense of the target (its more like a missile type atk going through opponents.) The skill increases 10 % and 15 attack rate per lvl. Maxes out in lvl 10.

It would be more useful if u don?t need to come close to your enemy to cast it. I say pass this one out if you already have Baluka Mantra or you could choose bet baluka or prabeja for additional damage. This is also good for opponents trying to run away from you or could be used to hit mobs.

Stam - now this one is fun it gives the enemy a 3 second stun if it connects. Similar to gatana. The damage isn?t that good enough but. Very useful in stunning hard hitting creatures like bosses and it?s really good for catching enemies that are trying to get away.

Nauti - Shout that blocks movement of opponents. This could be useful sometimes.. It holds and slows the atk of the enemy in a area of effect. In lvl 1 it would last 3 secs and gives additional 1 sec per lvl maxes out in lvl 5.
I have a rough idea on how it really works.. It stops enemies that are trying to run away from you or holds the mob in. This could also be very useful during god wars, it has an area of effect so that u could cover more with this skill.

Bukampaa - gives damage to all opponents in the area with a chance of stun. This one wins my vote for the best naga 1st job skill It comes out fast, gives out damage to an area of effect and stuns the enemy around u. This could be chained w/ any *atk* skills

This could prove to be very useful when fighting a hiding Asura. A hiding asura could be a real pain in the a** to target after appearing from hiding state. This could prove to be your main weapon. Use it once he re-appeared to initiate his atk.

Tanutra - increases physical defense. Now this really sounds good right? It doesn?t give enough defense or at least I can't feel its effect even if I already maxed it out *passive* Gives about 200 def in lvl 10. Oh well it?s better than nothing happy.gif;;

Badate - increases attack avoid rate. Well this would be up to u but i think save some skills 1st and choose later. *passive*

Savitri Force - This would be our defense against melee.. It reflects damage done to u by a melee opponent. This changes to a passive skill when choosing the Satya or Def type naga job. It?s now working but... It?s not good at all but save some skill points for this once coz maybe in near the future (lol) ... this skill would be improved. Somehow... Hopefully... lolz Maxes out in lvl 5 with 40 % of physical damage is reflected back to the enemy.

Samate - Absorbs some amount of damage. This one is nice.. and it works... and it starts in 5% reduction of damage In lvl 1 and 25 % in lvl 5.. I know I know it sucks but it?s still good. This changes to a passive skill when choosing the Satya or Def type naga job. (This is not a party spell)


Akate - inc def against elements.. This sounds promising but i have to *save* some skill points for this one happy.gif;;

This is a passive skill that raises your defense from the elements but... lowers your resistance in poison??? I don?t know if this is just a bug.. But you know that this isn?t good news to naga's since our main weakness is poison (it drains a lot of hp). But this is a pre requisite to an offensive 2nd class skill which I will discuss later.. I still studying the defensive 2nd job skills happy.gif

Kundalina Lising - Increases hp recovery. (getting this will save you lots of pots and help you lvl up faster. Though it's regen depends on its level and on your hp. It's similar to ragnaroks walking hp recovery. This one maxes out in lvl 5.

Tarka - Changes some hp to taps very useful sometimes if u ran out of tp lvl 1 to unlock mayat. Converts 60 hp to tp per lvl

note* this requires an equal amount of hp to change into tp

Mayat - This would be your emergency heal . happy.gif depends of how much healing u want. Converts 60 tp to hp per lvl

note* this requires an equal amount of tp to change in hp

Frosana - Turns mob against oneself. This is a ranged atk nothing more.. Get this if you want to unlock Ajaka.

Frosana Batia - this creates angry mobs in a specific location. I?m not sure what that* means but its more like a splash damaging skill for me. Useful for mobs. Maxes out in lvl 5.

Ajaka - this one makes mobs flee of fear and gives negative 1 movement (it does say -1 movement but I haven't seen its effect yet . But still its a very nice skill.

#NEW !!

2nd Job skills of BANAR (offensive type)

Frahasta Roca - Increases atk power of double-handed weapon.

It increases atk 2hnd weapon by 4.5 % per level. Maxes out in lvl 5.

-pretty nice this affects any* 2 handed weapons ! Sword, Axe and Spear.

Arorakin - Increases physical atk by 5% per lvl for a certain time (level determines the inc of atk power) the arorakin skill also continually drain hp for the duration of the skill ( the hp drain is reduced per lvl but the duration doesn?t extend. )


Arokakin: Duration - 30 sec
Cooldown - 1 min.
- useful in duels or in killing FS n other defensive type builds

@ lvl 3 + 150 increase on physical atk power happy.gif

Arorakin + Amulet = b00M y3z?


Bizai - Critical Attack when used with Amada Cass

@ lvl 2 = atk rate 275 - 300 % increase

30 percent of attack 30 % increase

atk rate of Amada Cass 2-2 increase

@ lvl 3 = atk rate 325 - 350 % increase

30 percent of attack 30 % increase

atk rate of Amada Cass 2-2 increase

@lvl 4 = atk rate 350 % - 375 %

30 percent of attack 30 % increase

atk rate of Amada Cass 2-2 increase

Amada Cass + Bizai = t3h paaaaaaaiinnnn!!1one @_@

note : make sure to chain this after amada cass for a sure crit ^^

2nd Job skills of SATYA (defensive type)


Amaka - Executes Two Successive Attacks
Pre Requisite: Baluka Mantra Lvl 3
Uhmmm not much excitement here... Lets move on to Defense happy.gif gogogogo !


SO let?s talk about hard-ons shall we? This will make teh ladies drop their jaw in awe.

Laks Roca (passive) - Increases Defense Power by 5 % per Lvl. Defense rate + 200 increase.

yeah baby!!!~ This increases your def by 5 % per* Lvl PLUS + 200 def oh my...

Umasamate (passive) - Absorbs Partial Damage Gained by a Party Member

This would be really sweet for party member?s esp. deva and asuras.
With this your party members would be tougher to kill but.. with this you
would also take more damage if you if your party members are hit. (Now this is a party spell)

Karman - Increases Defense Power for a period of time but greatly decreases speed.
@ lvl 1 Movement Speed Decreased by 5 (-1 per lvl). Lasts 30 secs
Attack Speed Decreased 2000 (-500 per lvl). Lasts 30 secs
Damage 25 % absorbed. Lasts 30 secs.

Want to be a Tank eh? With this your be a walking tank for sure. This will slow you down
but in higher lvls the movement penalty will be compensated. This adds around 240 + more to your def. +_+

Now this would be the best skill that naga tribes have!!!


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